Oncology department - Bogomolets National Medical University

Thematic improvement

The Department of Oncology conducts the only in Ukraine certified by the Ministry of Health courses of thematic improvement “Clinical Mammology” for physicians specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases (oncologists, radiologists, general practitioners, surgeons, etc.).

The duration of the cycle – 2 weeks, the frequency is 4 times per year.

Among the advantages of the cycle are:

• Held on the basis of leading clinics in Kiev

• Experienced tutors

• Flexible curriculum with the ability to take into account the wishes of cadets

• Small groups of cadets who are best suited for individual learning

• The training is based on the world’s leading practices

• Constantly updated lecture course

• Unique training course on puncture and trepan biopsy under ultrasound control on biological phantoms

• Practical seminar on mammogram analysis

• Illustrated case-seminar with step-by-step demonstration of stages of diagnosis and treatment, based on real clinical cases

Upon completion of the courses, a state standard certificate is issued, which provides 15 points to the variable part of the points for certification in the medical category.

In perspective:

• On-line demonstrations of new lectures for cadets trained in previous courses

• Discussion of complex cases of diagnosis and treatment that occur in physicians in everyday practice in the mode of telebridges

• Special course “Breast Radiology” for radiologists

• Publication of the manual “Clinical Mammology”

For all questions of participation in the cycle, please contact the curator of the cycle – Associate Professor Zotov Alexei, tel. 050 266 68 46, email: zotov.med@yandex.ua.

You can learn more about the courses from

• Facebook-page “Clinical mammology” https://www.facebook.com/oncomamma