Oncology department - Bogomolets National Medical University


The Department of Oncology of Bogomolets National Medical University has been training interns in the specialty “Clinical Oncology” for many years.

The clinical bases of the department are: Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center, National Cancer Institute and Kyiv Clinical Hospital by Rail №3.

There are 15 interns of the first and second years that are training in the 2020/21 academic year.

The main part of the practical internship is devoted to the study of the semiotics of different localizations of malignant tumors in the relevant departments. In the process of training, interns learn the principles and methods of radical and palliative treatment of cancer patients, the choice of treatment tactics and its individualization.

Close attention is paid to work with patients in the hospital – an intern under the guidance of an experienced curator determines treatment tactics, provides conservative and symptomatic treatment, establishes indications for surgical, radiological, medical, combined and complex treatment. Having spent most of the time in the specialized department together with the doctor-curator, interns acquire practical skills, working, in particular, in the operating room. Particular attention is paid to mastering diagnostic skills.

The curators of the interns are doctors of the highest qualification category – both representatives of the department and the most experienced employees of clinical bases.

In addition to clinical work under the guidance of a curator, interns master the theoretical aspects of modern oncology. Lectures and classes cover current issues of oncology, modern approaches to diagnosis and treatment in accordance with international requirements – guidelines (ESMO, NCCN) and the peculiarities of their use in domestic health care.

The work of an intern in a polyclinic department includes acquaintance with the organization of work of specialized offices of a polyclinic department, mastering of principles of registration of primary medical documentation, studying of a technique of carrying out medical examination of oncological patients and treatment in out-patient conditions.

In January 2020, 12 interns completed their studies, successfully passed the state qualifying exam and started working as doctors. In addition to conscientious training, internship graduates underwent internships in oncology clinics in Germany and Brazil.