Oncology department - Bogomolets National Medical University
  • The Deparment of Oncology has a long history The Department of Oncology was organized in July 1974. Read more
  • One of the best treatment indicators Staff of the Department of Oncology successfully performs medical and consulting work with patients from all over Ukraine.
  • We are trusted and elected Hundreds of patients seek for the professional help from the staff of the Department of oncology. Read more


Staff of the Department of Oncology performs hundreds of surgical interventions, participate in multidisciplinary medical consultations, conduct medical and diagnostic work and consult patients every year.

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Employees of the department studying the problems in oncology field, implementing the latest treatment, working on patent development, participating in clinical trials and actively publishing their articles in international medical journals.

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For students

Teachers of the Department of Oncology teach more than 2 thousand students of 4,5,6 courses. Students have the opportunity to master theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the operating room every year. Practical classes are held on the basis of the Department of Oncology.

For doctors

It is possible to pass an internship in the specialty "clinical oncology", clinical residency, and specialization courses on the basis of the Department of Oncology of Bogomolets National medical university.

Social activity

The organization of students scientific group, exchange of experience with domestic and foreign colleagues, participation in Ukrainian and international multidisciplinary conferences are an integral part of the life of the department.


In addition to scientific and pedagogical work, the staff of the department has many hobbies. In free time from teaching and medical work, every teacher is doing his favorite thing.


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