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List of questions of practical skills acquirement in study course “Oncology”.

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List of questions of practical skills acquirement in study course “Oncology”.

  1. Senseof deontology in oncology.
  2. Clinical practical skills.

a) ability to realize medical inspection of patient with cancer;

b) ability to collect anamnesis and analyse it;

c) ability to make palpation of breast tumour, skin cancer,peripheral lymphatic nodes and another organs;

d) auscultation and percussion of lungs and heart;

e) put the diagnosis of malignant tumour with grading and staging.

3. Have a clear idea of endoscopic,ultrasound, rontgenologic, CT, MRI, PET, radioisotope, morfological examination.

5. Diagnostics practical skills:

a)interpretationX-ray with tumours;

b) rectalexamination;

c) determinationof skin symptoms of the breast;

d) superficialand deep palpation;

e) realizationof diagnostical punctures, taking down stroke-print, performancescrape from surface of tumour, wash-out, taking phlegm and aspiration.

6. Common scills of cancer treatment:

а) determinationof evidence for hospitalization patients with cancer;

b) groundmanagement and scheme of treatment patients with malignant tumours;

c) determinationof evidence for combined and composite treatment;

d) determinationof evidence for surgical treatment;

e) have knowledge of modern chemotherapeutical and immunological schemes and modern principles of radiological therapy;

f) supportive care.


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